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Manhattan headquarters, serving the Chinese community for 30 years.
Proficient in handling criminal cases and various types of visas, green card.
Successfully handled tens of thousands of cases, we are in the first place of the United States!

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Senior professional attorney team in many fields: criminal / immigration / real estate /
tax (with Certified Public Accountant <CPA>)/ marriage and family / civil

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Law & CPA Office is one of the top ten diverse comprehensive law firms consisting of Jewish, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese lawyers licensed in New York and other states as well as certified public accountants, admitted to practice in the following Courts:

New York State Court of Appeals
New York Supreme Court (Civil & Criminal Terms)
New Jersey State Court of Appeals
New Jersey State Superior Court
United States Court of Appeals
United States Federal District Court
United States Bankruptcy Court
United States Tax Court
United States Immigration Court
United States Court of Federal Claims
United States Court of International Trade
Corresponding licensed attorneys are affiliated in other jurisdictions and courts.

Criminal Department

Criminal Division 1: Harold J. Pokel, Esq. Mr. Pokel is the Head of Criminal Department. He has strong and diverse litigation practices in the country. He handles a broad range of complex matters in courts in the United States as well as before agencies, administrative bodies and arbitration tribunals worldwide. His expertise over decades includes customs and border investigation, court appearance and appeal, jail bail, DUI, extortion and kidnapping, robbery and theft, white collar defense and corporate, infringe of intellectual property, prostitution, juvenile crimes, murder and smuggling, sexual harassment, personal injuries etc. Working with another seven lawyers in this Division, Mr. Pokel provides services that are tailored specifically to provide creative and cost-effective legal solutions to each client. As reported by local medias, our personalized service and decades of experience in these matters allows us to effectively advocate our clients' interests in the negotiation and litigation.

Criminal Division 2: Andrew Bersin, Esq. Mr. Bersin is an expert attorney practicing in criminal litigations. He has spent 10 years as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn where he tried more than 60 homicide cases. He has litigated diverse criminal matters in federal and state courts, both in New York and other jurisdictions. He and other five legal counsels in this Division, handle these criminal litigation matters with care and diplomacy and work closely with clients to anticipate, understand and ameliorate the potential collateral consequences of litigation.

Civil Department

Helen Yang, Esq. Ms. Yang, with other seven counsels in her group, is specialized in civil matters, including corporate financing and M&A projects, federal commerce, business dispute, domestic relationships and divorce, shareholders’ matters, IPs, trademark, estate, libel and slander, tax, anti-trust and competition, employment and labor, contractual dispute, debt negotiation and bankruptcy. She has practiced in various corporate financing and M&A projects, including IPOs, acquisitions by listed companies and private companies, and also has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolutions for large-scale, complex litigation involving multinational companies.


Local Chinese Community Service Department

This Department will coordinate with other departments and divisions aiming to provide our clients with the most diligent and prudent legal services. This Department includes Lian Xiang, Esq. and other experienced counsels.

Administrative Department

This Department will coordinate with other departments and divisions aiming to provide our clients with the most diligent and prudent legal services. This Department includes Ran Jiang, Esq and other attorneys. Attorneys from this Department specialize in a broad array of legal services, and are reputable for outstanding performance in oversea education and education advancement cases.

Medicaid and Welfare Department

This Department is lead by Yiling Wang, Esq., an attorney with decades experience in medical legal services field, with New York, New Jersey and Registered Nurse licenses. Ferraz, Esq. works with Ms. Wang in this department. Their services include: Medicaid investigation and penalty cases, various penalties imposed by local government offices, social welfare disputes.

Other Practicing Counsels

Elias Gootzeit, Esq. Head of International Trade Department. Mr. Gootzeits practice focuses on business transaction, dispute resolution, commercial litigation, international collection and trade remedy cases.