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New York immigration, criminal law firm

Manhattan headquarters, serving the Chinese community for 30 years.
Proficient in handling criminal cases and various types of visas, green card.
Successfully handled tens of thousands of cases, we are in the first place of the United States!

When you have legal problems and difficulties, we will discuss with you the countermeasures and solutions.

We will strive for the greatest rights and benefits for you and stand in your perspective!

Senior professional attorney team in many fields: criminal/immigration/ real estate /
tax / marriage and family / civil

Every attorney is professional, experienced and trustworthy.

Looking for immigration, criminal law firm, Law & CPA Office is your first choice!


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One of the top ten comprehensive multi-ethnic law firms in the United States.

Our attorneys and accountants have over 30 years of experience
in criminal law, immigration law and other fields.


The largest scale, the most effective
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Law Office is an international comprehensive law firm with branches and offices in north and South America, Asia and other places. The headquarters in the United States is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York, our business throughout 50 states, especially New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and so on.

The 37 elite lawyers hold multi-state licenses to handle criminal, immigration and civil cases. We have the best criminal lawyers team, the most professional immigration lawyers, the most outstanding civil lawyers team! With our rich legal knowledge and superb case handling skills, we enjoy a high reputation in North America, the European Union region, Asia and central and South America region. High efficiency and high success rate is known as the first class international professional lawyers for the organization and perfect service.

Our biggest characteristic is: the criminal lawyer + the immigration lawyer.

Double assurance, solves the problem for the non-citizen Chinese!

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High quality, high efficiency and high success rate, worthy of your trust.

With our rich legal knowledge, exquisite adept working skills, Law Office enjoy a high reputation in North America, the European region, Asia and South America, especially in the Chinese community in New York. Our high quality, high efficiency and high success rate has been admired for organizations. We are the first-class international professional law firm with perfect service, serving many multinational companies as the chief legal counsel for many years. Also, we've been hired as a special representative attorney by several large Banks to deal with all kinds of real estate sales and loans. All attorneys have solid legal academic skills and are rich experience in handling cases, ready to provide you with professional services.

With a large team of experienced lawyers, certified public accountants, and experts and assistants specialized in various legal fields, Law Office will help you to deal with all kinds of legal problems that you may encounter in the ever-changing modern society. We can speak many languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Chaozhou and Shanghai. Customer satisfaction is our biggest goal.

Law Office is one of the 10 major comprehensive multi-ethnic lawyer, so our customers is from different ethnic groups all over the country. You can often see us in the news media also transport sector from government neon display board. Those are strong evidence of a brief introduction of us to the public to provide comprehensive services.