New York immigration / criminal law firm

Law & CPA Office is composed of jewish, Italian, German, Hispanic, Korean and Chinese attorneys and certified public accountants.

We are the one of the top ten comprehensive multi-ethnic law firms in the United States.

Manhattan headquarters, serving the Chinese community for 30 years.
Proficient in handling criminal cases and various types of visas, green card.
Successfully handled tens of thousands of cases, we are in the first place of the United States!

When you have legal problems and difficulties, we will discuss with you the countermeasures and solutions.

We will strive for the greatest rights and benefits for you and stand in your perspective!

Senior professional attorney team in many fields: criminal / immigration / real estate /
tax (with Certified Public Accountant <CPA>)/ marriage and family / civil

Every attorney is professional, experienced and trustworthy.

Looking for immigration, criminal law firm, Law & CPA Office is your first choice!



Our values provide the benchmark for our collective and individual conduct and direction ranging from the Firm governance and management to our approach to client service.  The firm is a values-driven law firm, guided by the principles of excellence, diligence, leadership, solution-oriented, people-oriented, and diversity.

— Excellence —

Quality is the long-standing common culture shared by every attorney and office of our firm.  We are not the firm highly ranked by number of attorneys and offices.  We pursue excellence and aim to deliver quality in all aspects of our services.

— Diligence —

The firm places very strong emphasis on the importance of work ethics and diligence.  We believe we are obligated to promptly provide our advice and judgment to every issue the clients are concerned to by closely and diligently working with the clients.

— Diversity —

Diversity is the essential feature of the firm, respect the perspectives of others, and communicate openly.  We have made considerable progress in advancing opportunities for minorities, finding ways to create career pathways for people from diverse backgrounds.

— Leadership —

We value the people who can effectively lead our Firm, its practice groups, offices, departments, and initiatives. We actively participate in the social activities and events to achieve the leadership positions outside.

— Solution-Oriented —

We can provide our professional’s knowledge and experience for our customers who have problem to solve. Only oriented by solution, the research, analysis, reasoning, argument, and all the work we do for the clients are meaningful and valuable.



Four republican presidents of the United States have signed a certificate of honor to our Mr.Sichel.


President Bush signed and awarded a certificate of commendation to our Mr.Sichel.


We earned the clients' respect and trust by our outstanding professional services.  We continue providing our clients with quality legal services:


Public Service

        A commitment to public service has always been deeply ingrained in our firm culture.  Community service has been woven into the fabric of the firm when it was founded and we are closely involved with several civic organizations in New York City.  We believe that privileges and advantages come with a responsibility to help those less fortunate, and this conviction helps to guide our priorities as an organization.  Our Pro bono and Community Service programs extend to all of the regions where we and our clients work and live. Attorneys and administrative staff alike give time and resources focused on several areas, in particular domestic violence prevention, education, and discrimination.

        We encourage our lawyers to become involved in public service at the earliest stages of their careers by treating pro bono hours as billable hours and by recognizing and rewarding associates who have achieved success in pro bono representations.

        In addition to actual pro bono legal work, our lawyers have been active in a wide variety of charitable endeavors, working with, sitting on boards of, and even running, many types of civic, community, cultural, governmental, educational and medical organizations, a number of which seek to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

        Our publice-service strengthens our bonds to the communities in which we practice and makes a profound difference in the lives of our clients.