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Accounting, Taxation/ Notarization

Bookkeeping Financial Statements / Annual Reports Payroll Individual / Corporation Tax Returns Government Agency Investigation & IRS Examinations Notarizations/Authentications ITIN Power of Attorneys

Labor and Employment

Department of Labor Violations Worker’s Compensation Violations Minimum Wage and Overtime Wage

Other Governmental Regulations

Medicaid Investigations Business/Tax Violations Building/Construction Violations Fines & Tickets Traffic Violations

Family Law

Uncontested/Contested Divorces Pre-Nuptial Agreements Separation Agreements Wills & Trusts Custody and Visitation Adoption

Civil / Criminal Cases

Landlord & Tenant Disputes Bankruptcies Name Changes Personal Injuries Bail State & Federal Court Cases Fraud Illegal Massage/Prostitution Extortion/Kidnap Drive Under Influence (DUI) Tort/Robbery

Custom / International Trade

Tariff Fines & Investigations Quota & Limitation Seizure and Forfeitures Certificates of Origin Trademark and Brand Counterfeiting Trademark and Patent Registration International Transaction Agreements Letter of Credit & Invoices Bank and Financial Institution Incorporation Initial Public Offering and Private Equity


Nonimmigrant Visas (B1/B2, F1/F2, H1/H4, L1/L2, K1, P3, J, V, O, etc.) Immigrant Visa (Family Based, Investment Based, Employment Based, Asylum, etc.) Appeals Naturalization Advance Parole & Reentry Permit Deportations Immigration to Canada Immigration to South America

Commerce and Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions/Deeds and Contracts Business Transactions Title Transfers Mortgage Loans Incorporation & Dissolution Initial Public Offerings/Private Equity Merger and Acquisition Business Contract Bank Account/Credit Card Applications Bank Reference Letters Shareholder/Partnership Agreements Credit Check/ID Theft Liquor Licenses Long-term Legal Consultations/Counsels

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